C-GEO 8.8

Collect data from geodetic instruments and visualize, edit it via CAD mapping
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Import the technical survey data from geodetic instruments, such as electronic tachometers, code levels, field recorders, GPS receivers, and proceed with the CAD functionality. Edit vector and raster terrain maps with a set of tools: engineering leveling, intersections, surface area of parcels and usable grounds, object division, polygonal traverses, offsets, projection, etc. Benefit from built-in GIS system (databases associated with map objects) and much more.

If you need to import survey data from your geodetic instruments, then C-Geo is the application to do just that. You can also edit vector and raster maps as this application is able to perform CAD functions as well. The application has an exhaustive list of types of tacheometers, from which it is able to import data. It is able to interact with field computers and also do calculations in the field and record cross-section, leveling and tacheometry data.

The program has the ability to resolve all the main calculating tasks in geodesy. There is no limit to the data processing operations that you can perform on the base of geodetic co-ordinates. Between CAD, GIS and other programs the import and export of data is freely possible.

Calculation modules and base of co-ordinates can be combined with the numerical map. The co-ordinate system of maps can also be easily changed from one to another. It is easy to transfer pieces of data from other programs onto the map and vice versa. It is easy to create different types of databases associated with the objects on the map as well.

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